Welcome to WhatsApp Sender Pro [Image: what-logo-png.png]THE ULTIMATE MARKETING PLATFORM Software The Only SolutionThe one and Only world wide solution allow you to send Unlimited Messages with no much channels.Numbers GeneratorHave no Numbers!? No problem we have add a new feature to Generate Numbers Unlimited.No Much Channels NeededYou can start with only 1 Cell phone number, and send freely.No Hidden feesOnetime Payment, Lifetime Support.WhatsApp Sender ProThe one and only a working whatsApp marketing solution..world wide.Unlimited MessagesSend Unlimited Messages with no Cost per Message at all, and reach your contacts Direclty.[Image: wap-logo.jpg]NO Channel(s) NeededIt is true, With Only one channel you can start and leave use it till get blocked, then change.[Image: wap-logo.jpg]Chat ReplyReply to All your incoming Campaign messages individually from PC or your Tablet.[Image: wap-logo.jpg]LifetimeNo monthly fees, No annual fees and no Hidden Fees at all. One time payment Only and Own your License.[Image: wap-logo.jpg]

See Whatsapp Sender Pro it In ActionAll featuresLorem Ipsum is simply dummy text of the printing and typesetting industry. Lorem Ipsum has been the industry’s standard dummy text everUnlimited SendingSend a WhatsApp Messages to thousands of your contacts. UNLIMITEDNO Channel / SenderIt is the only solution can work with 1 channel or multi .. as you wish.Message Types, customizeSend All types of message ( Text / Image / Video / Audio / Location / Links )..Update & SupprtYes It’s Fully Supported and Regural Free Updates.Cost EffectiveNo need to buy Channels! Only 1 Normal Cell can work. No need for monthly subscription! One time payment.Personalized InboxReply individually to all your channels. Personalized inbox for all incoming messages.ReportOnce Campaign Accomplished, Export the results to Excel or Text Files a click away.Customizable Sender IDSet your Sender ID, Avatar/Logo. With only 1 Click.Don’t Just take our wordWatch on YouTube what we have Developed: https://youtu.be/dRKXG8qFHRYOnetime Payment .. Lifetime SoftwareFree Updates & Unlimited support.
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