[iMacros] G-mail New Account Form Filler

Here is an imacros script that will populate all required filds
on create new gmail page. Its written and tested for Firefox.


– Uses “InputData.csv” file to fill first and last name and its only required data you have to suply.
– Gmail username is generarated from first and last name data plus random number in between.
– Password is set to 12 characters and script generates strong password.
– Birthday is also generated and filled randomly.
– Gender has to be fixed set within script (read comment for gender inside script)
– Mobile phone is commented so it doesnt affect script execution. Uncomment if you need it.
– Filled account data is saved in your iMacros “Downloads” folder with default name “extract.csv” in CSV format –> “Firstname456Lastname”,”mjZG3J1w5gPD”.


1. Create file “InputData.csv” in default imacros directory “Datasources” in CSV format with first and last name –> “Firstname”,”Lastname”.

2. Create imacros file in default folder “Macros” and copy script in it. Name it whatever you like with .iim extension.

3. Edit iMacros script to your liking. Set gender if you need. Last line of script is commented also, so if you just want to test script without actual creation of account leave it commented. When youre ready to create email you can uncomment it so it will submit your application.

4. Start your macro from firefox.

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