Current Version: 1.3
(In the tutorial i forgot to mention that you need to activate the YouTube Data Api in your google account, otherwise the bot will give you an error)


  • Only supports YouTube subscribers for now
  • Uses the YouTube api (only 75 subs / day / account)
  • Supports multiple YouTube accounts
  • Extra account manager for easy account managing
  • Uses http requests (NO BROWSER NEEDED)
  • Random wait time between 5 – 15 seconds after each sub
  • Random wait time between 180 – 300 seconds after each 100 subs


  • Install the latest java version
  • Edit the accounts.txt and add your AddMeFast account in the format username : password
  • Click on the start.bat and the bot will start
  • On the first start you will be asked to add your YouTube accounts.
  • The Auth Manager will open.
  • Enter your api credentials (see tutorials folder)
  • Click on Add and follow the steps
  • You only need to do that once per account
  • If you want to add more accounts later, just double click on the Auth_Manager.bat

Please note, that this is a free bot. If you want to have any big things added or changed, you may give a suggestion in this thread, but I will not make big changes for free. Maybe i will add more modules than YouTube subscriber in future for free, but I think I will make a paid version with a lot of more features.

If you have any suggestions, found any bugs or want to give feedback, feel free to reply in this thread.